Product Range

Residential Suite

The Fairview Residential Suite is a complete suite of aluminium windows and doors suitable for residential houses. It is our standard offering that begins the experience of aluminium joinery. While the Residential series offers great value for money, the range is also extensively used by leading architects, designers and major group home builders.

Weathertightness Performance

Weathertightness is important, so you will be glad to know that all Fairview windows are fitted with a unique water management system. This advanced system uses a specially designed water capture tray that causes water and condensation to flow outside, while blow back is eliminated to prevent water being pushed back inside.

The complete suite

Awning windows, Casement windows, Bifold windows & doors, Sliding windows & doors, Stacking sliding windows & doors.


The residential suite can be fitted with Single or Double Glazing


Building Product Information Requirements (BPIR)